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Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

Access Control Solutions

Pertaining to the growing demand and security concerns, access control has always been vital for every organization. Main objective of the Access Control is to begin with – protect physical, IP and human assets. This requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas. Moreover, the basic question of who, where and when with adequate flexibility and scalability needs to be addressed with door access control system. To meet this requirement, UAL presents an adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Access Control solution. It is designed to meet access control needs of any organization irrespective of its size, locations, layouts, and timings. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti-Pass back, 2-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, Guard Tour, Man-Trap and Smart Card based Identification ensures Fool-proof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.

Time Attendance Solutions

Manual attendance marking and estimation leads to the expenditure of time and cost of the organizations. Human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping are additional hidden expenses which directly affects the productivity of any organizations. Variation in attendance policies from one company to another makes it extremely challenging to capture time-attendance data and automate them. Therefore, a fully automated time-attendance management software is paramount for enhancing productivity of any organization. UAL deploying this challenging solution for your facility.

Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited
Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

IP Surveillance Solutions

IP surveillance can be defined as using the Internet Protocol (IP) standard of communication for the storage, transmission and networking of surveillance images. As IP is an open standard, it enables manufacturers of surveillance equipment to standardize on this protocol providing the market with more flexibility in choosing best-of-breed solutions. IP surveillance offers many advantages such as the use of existing “structured cabling” infrastructure commonly used on IT networks, the ability to integrate surveillance with other network elements such as computers, access control systems and alarms and the ability to use the latest generation Megapixel camera technology. IP Megapixel cameras offer functionality far in advance of traditional analogue cameras including higher resolution images, on-board camera image processing and additional functionality such as video analytics.

Intrusion Alarm System

UAL offers you this solution to protect your assets and your personnel with reliable and durable intrusion alarm systems. Guard your property or facility by arming the alarm when the property is unoccupied. Intelligent intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches and ignoring costly false alarm sources. UALs advanced sensors provide best-in-class catch performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts, moving objects, and the presence of pets. Advanced design features ensure an installation that is both faster and more reliable. This reduces the technician’s time on the ladder, reduces call-back costs, and lowers the total cost of ownership for your assets.

Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited
Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

Perimeter Alarm System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System mainly used to detect, locate, and classify vibrations caused by physical activity. The system included front-end long distance distributed detection fiber, smart camera and optical fiber demodulation host deploy in back-end host room, AI joint processing server. It can monitor full-time all-weather intrusion around the perimeter of fiber-optic deployed and alert immediately after artificial intelligence identifies intrusion, which greatly reduces the patrol input and achieves real-time, efficient and continuous perimeter security.

Infrastructure Monitoring System – IMS

Infrastructural threats in your IT room & server room can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems. Redundant hardware, backup tapes, UPS battery arrays, generators and other fault-tolerance measures can all be rendered useless if your server room overheats or floods. Don’t ignore infrastructural threats. UAL has a vast infrastructural monitoring solution that can meet you monitoring needs.

Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited
Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

Parking Management System / Vehicle Barrier

Car Parking barrier systems are ideal for controlled and safe passage of vehicles which enter to and exit from parking lots. With barrier arms which can be prepared in 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters and intermediate lengths, you can completely close the transition points and you can allow passing the vehicles which you have given authorization. UAL has full range of vehicle barrier / parking management solution according to your requirement.

Turnstile Barrier System

Turnstile Barrier System is a unique solution that robustly used in access management system. UAL offers multiple types of barrier system like Tripod Turnstile, Optical Flap Turnstile, Optical Swing Turnstile, Cylinder Swing Turnstile, Swing Turnstile, etc.

Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited
Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

Metal Scanning Solutions

Metal detector systems and baggage scanners are one of the major components of any security solution in highly secured premise. The recent rise in crime has led to the development of security devices that are able to work in the most sophisticated and complex environments. Baggage scanners use X rays to detect the materials inside the luggage. Metal detectors are one among them of such security system. Metal detectors and baggage scanners work with human supervision in authorizing persons that do not possess any harmful metal gears.

Security Accessories

  1. ID card Printing.
  2. Video Door Phone.
  3. IP PBX System.
Security Solutions Universal Automations Limited

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